Believe it or not, Candlewood Lake’s majestic beauty is man-made. In the early 1900s, the Rocky River Valley was a farming community at the foot of the Berkshire Mountains.

During the summer of 1926 the decision was made by Connecticut Light & Power to create a lake in this region that would generate hydro-electric power.

After the power company relocated all of the valley’s residents, a 100 foot-tall dam was constructed at the northern end and water from the Housatonic was pumped into the valley. The project took nearly two years. Well worth it to create our beloved Candlewood.

Candlewood Lake Sunset Circa 2016

Candlewood Lake Sunset Circa 2016

Facts about Candlewood Lake

Connecticut’s Largest Lake

Maximum Length: 11 miles

Maximum Width: 2 miles

Deepest Point: 90 feet

Average Depth: Approx. 30 feet

Shoreline: Approx. 65 miles

Lake: 5,420 acres or 8.4 square miles

Islands: 12 total

5 Bordering Towns: Danbury, Brookfield, New Milford, Sherman, & New Fairfield

Lake Divides: Fairfield & Litchfield Counties

Main Water Source: Housatonic River

Man Made: Started July 1926 – Completed February 1928

Generates: Hydro-Electric Power

Fishing Hot Spot: Trout and Large and Small Mouth Bass