New Season. Bigger Boat!

In 2019, Lakeside Watersports will be powered by East Coast Flightcraft.

For Candlewood Lake, they have helped us secure a bigger boat that can handle larger group sizes. We used to drive Axis A20s and now we will have a brand new Axis A22. The additional 2 feet mean that the maximum size group we will be able to take is now up to 12 guests. Be the first on the schedule to get a ride in this new boat and invite your friends to join!


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2019 AXIS A22

Single Propeller Inboard Design

Surf Gate Equipped w/ Power Wedge III

Length: 21’ 11” (Excluding swim platform)

Beam: 102″ (The width of the boat)

Draft: 27” (Amount of boat that sits in the water)

Seating Capacity: 12 guests or 2,041 lbs

Dry Weight: 4,500 lbs

Max Ballast: 4,115 lbs.

Engine: Monsoon 410 HP 6L V8

Hull Type: Wake Plus