A change for the 2018 season is that we will only be running one boat this year. We stepped up and secured a brand new 2018 Axis Wake Research A20 to handle all of your watersports needs. Moving to a one boat operation means that the maximum size group we will be able to take is 9 guests. It's worth taking a trip to Lakeside just to see this one, because the photos don't do it justice.


2018 AXIS A20

Single Propeller Inboard Design

Surf Gate Equipped

Length: 20’ (Excluding swim platform)

Beam: 98″ (The width of the boat)

Draft: 27” (Amount of boat that sits in the water)

Seating Capacity: 11 persons or 1,551 lbs. (9 guests)

Weight: 3,500 lbs.

Ballast: 1,000 lbs.

Engine: Monsoon 400 HP 6L V8

Hull Type: Wake Plus