Learn to Wakeboard & Waterski

There sure are a lot of watersports. At Lakeside, we’re ready to teach you any one of them (or every one of them). When you book a slot, you won’t be locked into any particular discipline. You can choose to switch sports mid-lesson if you’d like. Check out your options below:

Lakeside Wakeboarding.jpg


Strap into a single board, turn it sideways, and ride on top of the water like a snowboard over powder!



This is the easiest to learn, and if you’d like, one of our instructors will hop in the water with you to help you hold your starting position.

Lakeside Tubing.jpg


Hang on tight as the boat pulls you for a wet and wild ride on an inflatable tube! We have tubes that you can sit in and others you can lay down on, so it’s your choice how extreme you want to get.



No waves? No problem! This is the only way to surf while away from the ocean! Use the handle to pull yourself into a never-ending wave we can create behind the boat, then toss the rope and ride all day long.


Slalom Skiing

Why use two skis when one ski works perfectly fine? This is much tougher to get up with than when using two skis, but once you’re up, you can work on weaving back and forth behind the boat at high speed.



Use a single board shaped like a wakeboard, except no bindings this time. Hold on to the handle, turn the board sideways and skate behind the boat! (No kicking or pushing required)



To kneeboard, you glide on top of the water in the kneeling position on a buoyant plastic board. Good for first-time watersports riders who are learning what it’s like to be pulled by a boat.



Wakeskiing is something we have talked about bringing to Lakeside for a few years. With the trend toward freestyle skiing on the slopes, this is very similar. Ride forwards and backwards, even jump the wake on these custom-built waterskis.

Foil Surf.jpg


Action sports talk a lot about progression, Foil Wakesurfing is a perfect example of this. Once you've learned how to wakesurf, give the foil a try. You will start to surf with the board lifted out of the water.


Towable Disks

Ride it any way you want, sitting, standing, kneeling, or laying down. These new towable discs are an absolute blast. Book an appointment to see for yourself.


ZUP (New for 2018)

You may have seen it on an episode of ABC's Shark Tank, but new to the lineup for 2018 is the ZUP All-In-One Board. When you ride the ZUP everyone gets up! You can ride it, sitting, kneeling, standing. Pretty much any way you want.Come check it out for yourself.